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Client Testimonials

My Greatest Ally

“At a time in my life when I was going through the emotionally and mentally draining  phase of a divorce, while also facing the daunting task of fighting to maintain my right to be an active father, I met my greatest ally in Vanessa Winton. Not only is she an exceptional attorney who is very adept at her craft, but she genuinely cares about her clients and puts in a tremendous amount of time and effort in producing their desired outcome.


With her council and guidance, I went from feeling hopeless about my situation to being confident about my chances. I am pleased to say that because of Vanessa my divorce was a smooth one and I have been able to continue being a dedicated father to my daughter. Without a doubt and without question, I would highly recommend Vanessa Winton to anyone who is in need of representation. She is truly one of the best of the best.”


An Amazing Human Being

“Vanessa is not just as an exceptionally good attorney, but also an amazing human being! Vanessa came in to picture with regards to my divorce case at a time where I had completely given up on the situation and had thousands of dollars already drained out of me with a previous attorney that I was with, and the case hadn’t made any significant progress or there wasn’t any foreseeable positive outcome to develop.

A divine gift is how Vanessa appeared! She came in highly recommended by another attorney friend of mine and that itself told me that she develops a great rapport with the people she works/interacts with.


I happened to talk to Vanessa at a time where I was completely unsure of how or where I would go to seek help, and she patiently listened to me for about an hour to everything I had to say about my distress. That began the journey of not just an excellent client-attorney relationship, but also, a great friend!


Vanessa’s intellect and highly knowledgeable “attorney” skill-set coupled with her down-to-earth interaction, has left me amazed to this day. I would call Vanessa out of frustration when I would see the opposing counsel’s letters or emails and Vanessa would patiently listen to it all, calmly respond back to me, and put me at ease. That led to the confidence that I could confide in her with this legal turmoil and she just ‘got it all.’


From there on, every call out of despair, which I had with her, was turned into hope and she would most certainly either have a solution for every problem that I took to her; or, her advice on that matter that would reaffirm or reassure me. There were several complications involved in my case and to see Vanessa diligently read and see through each issue, search for and fully grasp the technicalities around them and find a meaningful and reasonable solution to address them in my favor was extremely impressive.


I see this as a privilege to pen down a few words about Vanessa and would highly recommend her for the extraordinary talent and personality that she brings to the table. Good luck and best wishes in all your future endeavors, Vanessa!”


A True Blessing

“I consider Vanessa Winton an exceptional attorney and a true blessing. Ms. Winton handled my personal injury case with diligence, maintained ongoing communication throughout the process, and showed concern about my well-being. Although my motor vehicle accident was very serious in nature, I believe Ms. Winton’s professional involvement and caring nature alleviated the stress of dealing with a personal injury case. I would describe Ms. Winton as a remarkable attorney whose main goal is to work in the best interest of her clients and ensure that they are aware of their legal options. She has earned my trust and respect.”