The Experience To Understand Your Legal Matters

An Estate And Probate Lawyer Can Guide You Through Challenging Legal Times

You have worked hard to protect your family and assets. So, it makes sense to take steps to protect them in the future as well. You can get started today and ensure that your loved ones and your estate will be secure in the coming years.

At Vanessa R. Winton, PLLC, I assist people with all types of estates in Texas. As an estate planning lawyer, I will help you decide how best to create an estate plan that fits your specific needs. You may need nothing more than a simple will and powers of attorney. Or, you may have complex assets that require sophisticated trusts. Either way, I have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your estate planning goals. I can also handle probate matters and estate administration for you.

Estate Planning Offers Customized Protection Of Assets And Families

No two estate plans are exactly alike because no two families have the exact same needs and assets. Customizing estate planning instruments to your needs is crucial to drafting a successful plan. I will discuss your estate planning goals and review your finances and assets to help you determine what you will need.

There are a few estate planning documents that most people utilize. When we work together, we can choose from the available options, which may mean:

• I can help you draft a will.
• We can create a trust and choose a trustee.
• You can specify who you want to have power of attorney for your finances.
• You can name someone to have your health care power of attorney.
• I can help you decide on advance directives and a living will.

I know that you will have questions, so speak with me to learn more about how estate planning can benefit you and your family.

Helping You Move Forward After The Death Of A Loved One

When a family member passes away, you may be tasked with handling their estate. Even if they had an estate plan, this can be a challenging duty. Many people benefit from working with a lawyer who can manage the administration or probate process for them.

There are a number of ways an estate can be handled, including:

  • Small estate affidavit for estates under $75,000
  • Dependent probate administration if there is no will
  • Independent probate administration, which is the most common

When we discuss your family member’s estate, I can help you determine how to proceed with it. I can handle any of these probate methods for you.

Obtaining Or Contesting Guardianship And Conservatorship

Do you need to gain custody of a minor child whose parents are unable to care for them? Is there an elderly or incapacitated family member who cannot care for themselves? In these situations, you will need to get a guardianship or conservatorship in order to help them.

When a minor child loses their parents and the parents did not specify anyone to be their guardian, you can seek conservatorship of them. You may be challenged by other family members or friends who think they should get the child. It is best to work with an attorney who can help you through this process, especially if the conservatorship is contested or if you need to contest it.

If an adult can no longer care for themselves or make sound decisions, it is possible to seek guardianship of them. These can be tough situations since the person may not think they need help and may fight the guardianship. Other family members may contest the decision as well. I help people seek and contest these orders.

It Is Best To Act Quickly In Estate And Probate Matters

Legal counsel and a strong ally can be invaluable in estate planning and probate. Speak with me today and you will begin to get the answers you need to protect yourself and your family. Please call me in Houston at 713-280-3333 or complete my online intake form.