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At Vanessa R. Winton, PLLC, in Houston, I strive to guide families through challenging times, whether that is through divorce and custody or estate planning and probate. I never forget that the outcome of these matters may affect your quality of life, which is why I work so hard to obtain favorable results.

Clients rely on me for knowledgeable counsel and personal service throughout the duration of their case. I know that you may be under enormous stress and that it is my job to help alleviate that stress and get you the answers you need to move forward.

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Vanessa R. Winton

In addition to Texas family law and estate planning and probate, I can assist you with other types of civil litigation, including the Texas deceptive trade practice violations, landlord-tenant disputes and special education law.

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You deserve a compassionate attorney who is committed to your well-being now and in the future. I can be that attorney for you and your family.

I understand that you may not be sure of what the next steps are, but I can help you figure that out when we speak. People typically feel better when they take steps to resolve their legal issue.

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